Hello friends! I bet you are getting excited like me that spring is almost here.  Can I please get an, Amen! I have noticed as I get older, I don’t enjoy winter like I once did.  However, I did enjoy this winter taking my son, Micah sled riding.  I just love seeing the smile on his face as he would sled down the hill and yell, “Wee.”  Moments like that help me tolerate winter! Well March is here and I just love the month of March! And why do I love the month of March? Two reasons spring and March Madness.  I just love spring time! I love seeing the flowers and trees begin to bloom and blossom and the vast array of different colors the trees and flowers bring forth.  I just love it! Every spring I think of the classic, Christian hymn, “How Great Thou Art.” Spring time always reminds me how Awesome and Great our God is! The Bible says by God’s Word all of creation came into existence including the plants, flowers and trees.  “How Great Thou Art!” God made all creation, including us for the purpose of glorifying Him! That is why God made us and creation to glorify Him! As the flowers and trees bring Him glory I pray how you and I live our lives will also bring our Creator Glory! You and I can bring God glory by following Christ as our Personal Lord and Savior and committing ourselves to the Bible’s teachings! This is how you and I bring God Glory! As spring reveals God’s glory I hope and pray that you and I will as well by living our lives for Him!

          And now the second reason I love the month of March, “March Madness.” I love watching the NCAA College Basketball tournament on TV! March is truly the best month for college sports! I will be cheering on my alma mater, University of Akron if they make this year’s tournament. If by some strange reason my Akron Zips don’t make the NCAA tournament, I will cheer on my second favorite team, North Carolina Tar Heels. Go Zips and Go Tar Heels!! In the month of March, I will be finishing up my sermon series in 1 John. For the last few months, I have been going verse by verse in the book of 1 John.  In this sermon series John the Apostle has been giving us several different tests to show me and Long’s Chapel Church if we truly know God and if we truly love Him!! John is very clear in his writings in the Bible; if you and I truly love Christ we are going to obey His Commandments. Those who walk in the Light and reject sin are the ones who know God and love Him! Please come and join us in the month of March as we finish up this sermon series. 

          This year Easter will be on Sunday March 27, 2016! Easter is early this year!! You and your family are invited to join us for Easter Sunday Services as we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ!! We will be having three worship services on Sunday: 6:30 Sunrise Service, 7:30-8:30(Easter Family Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall), Contemporary Service, 8:30-9:30 a.m. and our Traditional Service: 11:00-12:00.  Please come and join as we celebrate our Savior, Jesus Christ conquering the grave! In April, I will be starting a brand new sermon series in the Book of Matthew, the beatitudes! We will look at in depth the first sermon our Savior gave! In this sermon series our Savior will be teaching us how a child of God should live on earth!  I hope you and your family will be able to join us for this exciting sermon series!     If you have no church home we would love for you to come and join us on Sunday mornings at Long’s Chapel Christian Church for worship.  We are proud to offer two services to choose from: 8:30 a.m. (contemporary) or 11:00 a.m. (traditional). We look forward to you worshiping our Lord with us!  We always have exciting things coming up at Long’s Chapel Church.  Please refer to the church website and bulletin for all pertinent information. I hope you walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.